Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness

The beginnings of Awakening your Conscience

Awakening Consciousness


Awakening to a meaningful life

The origins

Most of my clients reach out to me when their life is either about to sink or in deep waters. Somehow their conscience is ready for a turn of events, for a change. For awakening consciousness. They want to go from the victim role to taking responsibility for their lives. Their inner self is thirsty for wisdom that will awaken their consciousness to higher walks of life. During the session, they see where they are, what their mind is doing and how they can change their lives from misery and emptiness to happiness and peace.

One of the first aspects we touch upon is their goals. More often than not, they are clueless. Other times, they think they are heading in the right direction. But when confronted with specific questions they have no answers. Their dreams are not agreeing with their life, and their actions are contrary to their thoughts. This incongruence is the first point of the study.

Awakening consciousness

The wake-Up call

During this power coaching session, you start discovering immediately where your life is about your purpose and goal. Bindu introduces you to the timeless concept of kaizen (the Japanese word for “continual improvement.” In business, it refers to activities involving all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers, to processes like logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain). This eastern tradition of discipline is the cornerstone of her work where self-mastery is at the base of the transformation process. After several sessions with her, you start building a more vibrant, happier and more enlightened life. She puts you through different trials until you finally master virtues that give you the mental reserves required to persevere when the going gets tough.

Most executives need to rekindle the fire for living lost before their profession, and mundane life stole their soul. When working with Bindu, they enter a sanctuary where their broken spirit would slowly start to heal. They then begin a life of simplicity, serenity, and harmony.

Recovering our desired state of mind

Levels of consciousness vary according to our state of mind. So, there are moments in life where we are more lucid than others where we lack the center that guides us and makes us feel safe. To be at all times feeling empowered and in the right direction, we need that desired state of mind. If there is a deviation in this sense, returning to that mental state is a priority before losing our north. The sessions with Bindu help you to recover the point that you need to become independent and free to your growth. It is awakening your conscience from the root of your being.

Those who wish to go even deeper into higher levels of “awakening consciousness,” follow a continuous process of work. This inner quest varies according to the need of each person and the karmic evolution of their soul. The results to date have been truly spectacular. One session is enough to know what Bindu´s intuition is about and how far it can go.

“From the sessions with Bindu Power Coaching, where you get to the “root” of the problem, the money invested not only comes back to us but also …. “it multiplies.” – María Pérez Ramos, Lawyer 

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One hour executive power session to unlock your hidden potential. Una hora de sesión ejecutiva poderosa para desbloquear tu potencial oculto.

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Bindu awakens consciousness.

She helps control the wavering mind and connect to the super-conscious mind to manifest the life of your dreams. Her work consists of tailor-made solutions based on the client’s specific need and problem. She diagnoses and resolves significant issues in just one session.

Bindu Power Coaching brings you information for transformation into a new road of success through cutting-edge breakthrough techniques.

She detects and addresses mental errors. Even the most “successful” people that usually prefer to avoid talking about emotions open up to her. They start sharing the “missing parts” from their stories and stop proving validation to bring about the healing needed in their core security. She provides a level of trust that engages the listener into a receptive mode where time suddenly stops to make space for the more critical vital aspects at hand.

Liberating you from ties that bind you

Through 3 simple steps, she unleashes your potential forever. Whether you are a child, a young adult or an older adult, she can bring your joy, your passion for life while liberating you from ties that bind you. It is not easy to explain in words the benefits of working with her. You need to try it out, worth experiencing it, at least once.

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Obtén ayuda personalizada

Bindu despierta conciencias

Te ayuda a controlar la mente vacilante y te conecta a la mente superconsciente para manifestar la vida de tus sueños. Crea en tiempo real soluciones personalizadas a tu necesidad y problema específico. En una sola sesión, diagnostica y resuelve problemas significativos.

A través de técnicas innovadoras y vanguardistas, Bindu Power Coaching te brinda información específica para la transformación hacia un nuevo camino de éxito.

Detecta los errores internos que deben abordarse. Incluso las personas más “exitosas” que normalmente prefieren evitar hablar sobre sus emociones se abren a ella. Empiezan a compartir las “partes faltantes” de sus historias. Dejan de probar la validación para lograr la sanación necesaria en su seguridad principal. Te proporciona un nivel de confianza que compromete al oyente en un modo receptivo. El tiempo de repente se detiene, para dejar espacio a los aspectos claves más importantes en mano.

Liberándote de los lazos que te atan

A través de 3 sencillos pasos, libera tu potencial para siempre. Ya seas un niño, un joven, un adulto o una persona mayor, Bindu puede ayudarte a recuperar la alegría, la pasión por la vida y liberarte de los lazos que te atan. No es fácil explicar con palabras los beneficios de trabajar con ella. Tienes que probarlo…vale la pena experimentarlo, al menos una vez.

Bindu también realiza coaching ejecutivo en empresas.

Libros de Bindu

Si quieres saber un poco más acerca de su proceso de trabajo, puedes descargarte su libro gratuito, “Despertando Conciencias”, de los más vendidos de Amazon España y Estados Unidos. Disponible en su tienda onlineAmazon Kindle y iBooks. Su nuevo libro “9 Prácticas que Cambiarán tu Destino”, de los más vendidos de Amazon España, promete cambiar la vida de las personas que pongan en práctica sus consejos. También disponible en Amazon Kindle, iBooks y la tienda online de Bindu.

Pide tu consulta “uno a uno” o suscríbete a su newsletter.


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Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional


Agradecimiento testimonio y Valoración

Tengo mucho que agradecer a Bindu Dadlani por haberme hecho conseguir mi libertad financiera y emocional.

Ahora todo está muy bien. Mi familia y yo estamos tranquilos y felices.

Disfrutamos el día a día sin miedos y sin prisas.

Mil gracias, Bindu.


Testimonio de una persona que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach


Su webinar “Re-programando nuestra inteligencia financiera” te dará pautas claves para ayudarte a entender el “por qué” de tu economía. Si tienes una empresa y quieres mejorar los resultados económicos, puedes escuchar su podcast.

Para gestionar tu tiempo, resolver conflictos, ganar calma interna y obtener claves para empoderarte, su webinar “Gestión del estrés” te aportará secretos para toda la vida. La compra en su nueva web es segura. Aprovecha ahora que además hay descuentos de verano 🙂

Si deseas leer, su libro “9 Prácticas que cambiarán tu destino”, disponible en su tienda online, Amazon Kindle o iBooks, marcará un antes y un después en conocimientos financieros y emocionales.

Resultados: Obtendrás libertad mental.

Si deseas ascender pero hay algo que te impide romper barreras, este video puede ayudarte a colocarte en puestos de decisión.

Bindu Dadlani es una Power Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Si deseas un mayor compromiso, contacta con ella.


Financial and Emotional Freedom

Thank you Testimonial and Rating Review

I have much to thank Bindu Dadlani for making me get my financial and emotional freedom.

Now everything is fine. My family and I are calm and happy.

We enjoy the day to day without fears and without haste.

Thank you, Bindu.


Testimonial of someone who has worked with Bindu Power Coach


Her paperback or eBook “Living in Mindfulness” will give you key guidelines to help you with your emotions. Her eBook “The Inner Warrior,” available at her new online store, Amazon Kindle or iBooks, will mark a before and an after in regards to your financial and emotional skills.

Results: You will get mental freedom.

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. For further engagement, contact her.

Libertad financiera y emocional
Testimonio de alguien que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach



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Decisions vs intentions


Decisions vs Intentions

There are no wrong decisions, only wrong intentions.

Take one step at a time…

Tomorrow will change…

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When undecided, wait. If confused, wait. If there is pressure, wait. Take some time off and reflect. What data have you gathered? What does it say? Make decisions from the heart when the mind is stable. Keep purity in your actions, intentions and decisions.


Stay pure


No hay decisiones equivocadas, solo intenciones equivocadas.

Entre quedar bien y hacer las cosas bien, haz lo segundo..

Da un paso de cada vez.

Mañana cambiará…

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Cuando haya indecisión, espera. Si hay confusión, espera. Si hay presión, espera. Tómate tiempo libre y reflexiona. ¿Qué datos has reunido? ¿Qué dicen? Toma decisiones desde el corazón cuando la mente está estable. Debe haber pureza en tus acciones, intenciones y decisiones.


En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,



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Book Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart)

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

The book “Living in Mindfulness” contains 351 mindful steps for wise living. They are messages from the heart. Mindfulness Coaching to awaken consciousness.

Available on:

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. iBooks
  3. Paperback Book
  4. Book Trailer
  5. Bindu´s online store 🙂



351 power messages to uplift your soul, to awaken your conscience within: “Your life is your message. Your message defines your soul.” “Living in Mindfulness” is part of the work Bindu Dadlani posts regularly: Messages from the Heart.

Our life has no guarantee. Unless we make a determined effort to stop negative habits, we will continue to fall prey to our lowest impulses. Whether it is allowing other people to rule over or permitting our negative traits to dance around us, we need to make a conscious effort to stop and re-direct our ship towards OUR desired destination. This is the beginning of our role as a leader in our lives. Leadership begins HERE.

Simple inner truths combined with her art of digital photography, these pages offer powerful insights to work out our personal journey in life.

Power Messages to:

  • Help you heal the past
  • Liberate you from present bondage
  • Guide you into creating a bright future

This book will help you gain strength forever so that you can say “NO”.

All pictures and photographs are taken while traveling the world.

Coaching the Mind for increased intuition.

This breathtaking, mind-blowing and eye-opening treasure of eBook, surprises, conquers and delights the heart. It provides hope for the forlorn, fearlessness for the weak-minded, guts for the courageous, happiness for the shattered, healing for the wounded and magic for the daring. Each page leaves you wondrous, uplifted, grateful, fulfilled, devoted. 351 mindful steps with insider secrets to a blissful and joyful life. With each staggering sentence, your soul travels into a new journey of awakening conscience where triumph and bravery are at its core. 351 Power Messages to guide you internally towards your true north. Each one of us goes through challenging experiences to which we need answers from within. Faced with a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, self-awareness is key to bringing the courageous leader to life. Living in Mindfulness takes you on a journey towards your Self, where all borders end, and all possibilities start. Enjoy as you read these pages created to uplift your soul. Order your copy here

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.


More than ever we need the inspiration to take “our” road to our chosen success. The time has come to stop living the way others want us to live. We are living a unique moment where our voice is heard at any place at any moment. There is no reason to hide. Sharing is much more fun, as it opens many channels within our emotional and cognitive areas. Express yourself and live in freedom.

Personal journey

These pages offer powerful insights to work out our personal journey in life. There are simple inner truths discovered day-to-day as the experience unfolds itself. Combined with my art of digital photography, it aims to make you think about your present thoughts, words, and actions.

I invite you to read these sentences, wordings & creations of my inner soul with an open heart, without judging, knowing that we all have been passengers of the same train or vehicle once in a lifetime. All photographs have been a part of this journey, as well as, each word written; desired to help you rise in consciousness. I am sharing my insights with you inspired by the deep longing to merge with my Self.

Bindu Power Coaching aims to help others help themselves. It is created to help liberate you. We help you re-connect with your soul so you may live according to the dictates of your conscience becoming the leader of your life. Whoever is not allowing you to express yourself from within is putting a stop to your freedom; it is a hindrance towards your advancement. We help you gain strength forever so that you may learn to say “NO”.

Thank you

I would like to thank all those who have supported and helped me throughout this intense inner journey. And all my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & social media followers, who daily encourage and motivate my work with their opinions, comments, shares and likes, as well as, those who have worked with me and know of the results of this liberating inner journey – you are the testing ground and proof of my research. Thank you!

Walking mindful personal journal

Please read each page carefully to discover a deeper message when in a moment of quiet, or a situation you want to resolve. The answer will come. Be patient and absorbed with an open mind. Allow yourself you be guided by your own self-analysis. This book can be used as a walking mindful personal journal.

In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani


Coaching para la Mente. 351 tesoros reveladores para incrementar nuestra intuición diaria. Esperanza, fuerza, claridad mental, coraje para luchar, ganas para cambiar y un sinfín de mensajes personales, son sólo algunos de los destellos que guarda este eBook que promete cambiar la vida de quien lo aplica. Los 351 mensajes te ayudan a conectarte con tu Ser convirtiéndote en tu verdadero coach interior. El vivir con atención plena –mindfulness – te lleva a un viaje hacia el verdadero sentido de tu vida, uno donde terminan las fronteras para empezar a vivir tus posibilidades. Disfruta al leer estas páginas creadas para elevar tu alma.

Bindu Dadlani es una Power y Mindfulness Coach que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica.


3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through

Keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions

Authentic Leader Development

Success recipes to tame the mind

Genuine and authentic leader development involves maintaining consistency and knowing when to Say “No.” Often we are highly motivated to take an idea to reality or just fulfilling a task that makes us or other people happy. We want to embark on what apparently seems exciting and new. Maintaining consistency is the hard part. Doing it every day until we meet our goal is tedious and requires much daily dedication and willpower to persist. How do we acquire these abilities?

Some of us already have it within inborn. However, others need to cultivate it. Nevertheless, it is achievable. Here are three steps to help you out in reaching your destination without giving up halfway through the effort:

1. Keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions.

This focus is a great takeaway. We often do not realize how many thieves of time keeps us from walking towards our dreams. By the time the day is over, we almost forgot where we were heading in the morning. If we only keep small reminders, it will help us support our goal in mind. We need this routine especially in the beginning when we are still working on our habits to acquire new ones to succeed. Later, as it becomes second nature to our action plan, we will not need to refer back to those reminders. Think of these reminders as post-it notes that will “GPS” your way.

2. Say “No” to distractions.

We are often invited to an event, whether it is social or work-related, and we feel or need of presence. Our mind makes us believe that this particular party or meeting with someone “important” will help us obtain our goal. It is all a trick of our wavering mind deviating us from our goal – once again. Immediately check the clear but yet not visible distraction with your goal. If it does not match, say “no” immediately. You will save tons of time and energy. Use it towards your goal for the day. This habit will help you reach sooner to your desired destination. The spiritual reward of getting there is immeasurable. It feels great to succeed when you have set yourself to something. The finishing line is a great feeling.

3. Enjoy each little success, but don´t stay there over time.

Pass on to your next goal with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Add the same or more amount of passion. Think of it as little steps to your most important goal. So there is no time to waste, but much to acquire. So, as you enjoy your successes, keep working with that same energy on your next project until you meet it again.

Life is on track. Keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions.

Some may find this a little stressing as it seems like much work. However, it depends on how quickly you would like to get your life on track. In the beginning, you might feel you may have to dedicate more time. As time passes, you align with your dreams, and your walk will feel effortless. The first stages of any change in habit must that we dedicate 100 times more attention, intention, dedication, and passion. Without such intensity, the mind takes over again, trapping us into little games from which it is tough to come out. This unique way to control the mind is where my method comes in. I would call it, little recipes to tame the mind, success recipes to tame the mind. Our dream is only possible and enjoyable when the road is smooth. Once we remove the obstacles, the journey is pleasant.

In Search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Bindu Dadlani is a Power Coach with Conscience who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. She is the author of nine books, available on Amazon and her secure online store.

Authentic leader development
Here are three steps to help you out in reaching your destination without giving up halfway through the effort

2 steps to Success

2 steps to Success

Success comes when you least search for it. Success manifests when you don’t need it. 
El éxito aparece cuando menos lo buscas. El éxito viene cuando no lo necesitas.

@bindupowercoach #Lanzarote #Canarias



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NEW eBook Living in Mindfulness from Amazon Kindle here

Living in Mindfulness
Bindu Dadlani writes a new book with 351 power messages to uplift your soul, to awaken your conscience within: “Your life is your message. Your message defines your soul.” “Living in Mindfulness” is a compilation of the work she posts regularly: Messages from the Heart.
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Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. You can follow her on Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram / Google + / Pinterest / Pinterest.

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Bindu Dadlani es una Power y Mindfulness Coach que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Puedes seguirla en Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram / Google + / Pinterest / Pinterest.

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Ibooks Apple eBook ¡Gratis! “Despertando Conciencias”
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Amazon eBook “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart) Kindle Edition

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Lasting Success

He who does not pay what he owes or who “scratches” stinginess by not paying is preparing his tomb to failure. If you want lasting success, thank and pay with abundance to the one who helps you. Fulfill your word. Pay your ‘promises’. 
Aquel que no paga lo que debe o que “rasca” la tacañería de no pagar esta preparando su tumba hacia el fracaso. Si quieres éxitos duraderos paga con abundancia y agradece a quien te ayuda. Cumple tu palabra. Paga tus promesas. 

Wishing you truth in your actions @bindupowercoach




Success measures

Success arrives when you are truly happy from within. If you want to decide on something, check your gut feeling.

El éxito llega cuando estas internamente feliz. Si quieres decidir sobre algo, comprueba tu corazonada, tu primera intuición.

Wishing you inner clarity and truthful vision @bindupowercoach

Inner Success

All your success boils down to the potential you see within yourself. Let go of the “crutches” you think you need. You can do it.

Todo tu éxito se resume al potencial que ves dentro de ti. Deja la “muleta” que crees que necesitas. Tu puedes.

Wishing you inner belief @bindupowercoach