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What do you get from her method?

Her method allows you to drop down to the truth of what is happening, addressing what is most dear and near to you. Most of the times it is not the original thought the person had in mind. They have in-built copying strategies that restrain them from seeing things from a truthful standpoint. You learn to pause and come to your story from a different place.


Does she use any other techniques?

Over twenty years of training into how to connect to the Super Conscious Mind led her to her method which she now shares globally. In 2013 she was honored for Excellence in Professional Coaching awarded for helping people reprogram their subconscious minds to reach maximum potential.

A blend of eastern and western techniques integrates within her solution-based program. Psychotherapy training in her early years of professional development allowed her to master some fundamental techniques to help people heal within. Most of them have “negative” episodes recorded from early childhood. Addressing them is vital as they happen very early in the growing stages of life. Re-programming this aspect of the subconscious mind brings about a new re-birth allowing the person to engage in a new way – providing a more honest conversation with oneself, shifting gears.


How could I know more about the work process?

If you would like to know more about her work, read “Gateway to Happiness:  Mind-Management through “Coaching Science,” available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks. Her book “The Inner Warrior” is one of her favorites writings, also on Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

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¿Qué consigues con su método?

Su método te permite caer en la verdad real de lo que está sucediendo, abordando lo que es más querido y cercano para ti. La mayoría de las veces no es el pensamiento original que la persona tenía en mente. Tienen estrategias de copia incorporadas que les impiden ver las cosas desde un punto de vista veraz. Aprenden a hacer una pausa para ver sus historias desde un lugar diferente.


¿Usa alguna otra técnica?

Más de veinte años de formación sobre cómo conectarse con la Mente Super Consciente. Ha creado su propio método que ahora comparte a nivel mundial. En 2013 es galardonada por Excelencia en el Coaching Profesional otorgado por ayudar a las personas a re-programar sus mentes subconscientes para alcanzar su máximo potencial.

Una combinación de técnicas orientales y occidentales se integran dentro de su programa basado en soluciones. La formación de psicoterapia en sus primeros años de desarrollo profesional le permitió dominar algunas técnicas clave para ayudar a las personas a sanar desde dentro. La mayoría de ellos tienen episodios “negativos” registrados desde su infancia. Abordarlos es clave, ya que ocurren muy temprano en las etapas de crecimiento de la vida. La re-programación de este aspecto de la mente subconsciente trae un nuevo renacimiento a la persona. Le permite participar en una nueva forma – proporcionando una conversación más honesta con uno mismo, un cambio de marchas ..


¿Cómo puedo saber más acerca del proceso de trabajo?

Si quieres saber un poco más acerca de su proceso de trabajo, puedes descargarte su libro gratuito “Despertando Conciencias”, disponible en Amazon Kindle y iBooks.

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Mindfulness Power Coach Bindu


Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our life and in those around us

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

Benefits of using her method

Phyllis Krystal Method
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Krystal

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I met Phyllis Krystal in 1997 during my college years in Boston. She inspired me from day one with her practical approach to problems and simple diagnoses to causes. The method has been beneficial and efficient in transforming my heart, re-programming of old habits and belief systems, cutting the ties with people or situations that do not allow me to obey the dictates of my conscience, education in human values in children and management, and in achieving high-end client’s desired results.  Applying her Method in my Coaching Work combined with breakthrough mind power techniques discovered through over thirty years of research and travel, have been a unique professional adventure.


I have used the method professionally as part of my executive coaching and mentoring work, both face to face and on the phone. Most of my clients contact me by word of mouth, later becoming repeated customers due to the excellent results they get from day one. I have one to one, couples and group sessions. All have been a remarkable experience. I am aware that my work keeps getting fortunate and lucky as I integrate more and more Phyllis Krystal’s method.


I have conducted over 3000 sessions. Clients come out of the meeting relaxed, aware, stress-free; conscious of their situation and learning to rely on the High C as their only source of nourishment. For some, it is a rebirth, a real opportunity to go within and work on their subconscious mind. Most of the professionals I work with are lawyers, economists, dentists, doctors, people in business, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and enterprises or companies that are longing to carry out Conscience in their management.


Looking more deeply, I see how my understanding and practice of her method has benefitted my clients. As I my inner growth continues, so does the results within my clients.

Some benefits of Using Phyllis Krystal´s Method are:


  • Happiness and peace from within

  • Better time management in the professional and personal field

  • Executives opening their often closed heart – listening within

  • Learning to connect with the High C in day-to-day living

  • Re-programming the subconscious mind

  • Achieving changes in old habits and belief systems

  • Loving and honoring oneself

  • Learning to say no

  • Implementing an attitude of surrender and equanimity

  • Focusing, concentrating; direction towards a goal!

  • Coming out of depression

  • Letting go of slipping tablets and living a healthier positive life

  • Uncluttered spaces and houses as a result of an uncluttered mind

  • Understanding of the situation through the “inner eye.”

  • Releasing old patterns

  • Removing anger, jealousy, envy and all kinds of negative thinking

  • Increasing net worths by 300% and up

  • A sense of freedom from external authority figures other than the Higher Consciousness

...and thousands more...:)


Some blogs inspired by Phyllis Krystal´s Method include:


I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our lives and those around us.


Bindu Dadlani



Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

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