Action | Re-action | Destiny Creation

Action Reaction Destiny Creation Take care of your way of thinking, acting and talking. Every action has its reaction ... Each instant ... you create your destiny. Perform each action without self-interest and you will reap the same. Cuida tus formas de pensar, actuar y hablar. Toda acción tiene su reacción...a cada instante creas tu …

10-29-2014 Tips for prosperity

To think "bad" destroys the present. Change your chip and find opportunities in what is apparently "negative". Try to not speak bad about others - specially in their absence. Think and talk positive @bindudadlani Pensar "mal" destruye el presente. Cambia el chip y encuentra oportunidades en lo aparentemente "negativo". Procura no hablar mal de los …

06-17-2014 Reflections

Truth not always should be said. If it hurts keeping quiet is best. As you think it will happen @bindupowercoach #Boston La verdad no siempre debe ser dicha. Si duele, mantener silencio es lo mejor. Así como piensas sucederá @bindupowercoach #Boston

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