Action | Re-action | Destiny Creation

Take care of your way of thinking, acting and talking. Every action has its reaction … Each instant … you create your destiny. Perform each action without self-interest and you will reap the same. Cuida tus formas de pensar, actuar y hablar. Toda acción tiene su reacción…a cada instante creas tu destino. Realiza cada acción Read more about Action | Re-action | Destiny Creation[…]

10-29-2014 Tips for prosperity

To think “bad” destroys the present. Change your chip and find opportunities in what is apparently “negative”. Try to not speak bad about others – specially in their absence. Think and talk positive @bindudadlani Pensar “mal” destruye el presente. Cambia el chip y encuentra oportunidades en lo aparentemente “negativo”. Procura no hablar mal de los Read more about 10-29-2014 Tips for prosperity[…]

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