eBook: The Inner Warrior

Inner Warrior

Book Release: "The Inner Warrior" Listen Within for Inner Guidance by Bindu Dadlani The book release, The Inner Warrior, will make you re-consider vital aspects of your life as you embrace uncertainty. The Inner Warrior is available for purchase on iBooks , Amazon and Bindu Shop. How many times have we wondered how? Can I? At the very moment of deciding, …

3 Key Steps to Mindfulness

3 Mindful Steps

3 Mindful Steps (VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO)  3 mindful steps to mind empowerment. We receive messages and information every day. It passes through our eyes, ears, and senses. However, we don´t file all of it, and much is essential. Three critical steps to mindful living: 1. Develop your concentration.  Every time you're doing something put your attention there. …

3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through

Authentic leader development

Authentic Leader Development Success recipes to tame the mind Genuine and authentic leader development involves maintaining consistency and knowing when to Say "No." Often we are highly motivated to take an idea to reality or just fulfilling a task that makes us or other people happy. We want to embark on what seems exciting and new. …


Do things well. Do not rush or fall into others manipulation of doing things "in a fast way". Take your time and act carefully. Haz las cosas bien. No vayas "a lo rápido" ni caigas en manipulaciones de otros de "ir rápido". Tómate el tiempo que necesitas y actúa con cuidado. @bindupowercoach      

Intelligent Mind Management

Spend time in silence. It will help you understand the truth. Do not fall into subtle manipulation. Fly over it. Pasa tiempo en silencio. Te ayudará a entender la verdad. No caigas en manipulaciones sutiles. Vuela por encima de ellas. Subscribe for your power message @bindupowercoach @marinabaysands #Singapore          

Order Within

El orden y la planificación es la base de una empresa de éxito. La organización de un plan de acción te ahorrarán tiempo y ayudarán en tiempos de "caos". Order and planning are key to successful companies. An organized plan of action will save you time and help you in times of "chaos". Wishing you …

Move On

Las experiencias se repiten una y otra vez hasta que dejan de ocurrir y salen de tu vida. Disfruta del presente. No sabes cuando será la última vez que lo tengas...prepárate para decir adiós mientras le das la bienvenida a lo nuevo. Deja pasar el tiempo. Lo verás todo más claro. The experiences are repeated …

Fulfill your hidden dream

If you want something, ask for it. Time does not wait for anybody. If there is something you like and it fulfills your dream, do it. Si quieres algo, pídelo. El tiempo no espera para nadie. Si hay algo que deseas y si encima cumples tu sueño, Hazlo. Wishing you a great day @bindupowercoach

07-10-2014 The Road Less Travelled

Create your own way. Based on truth. Find time to meditate. Get strength from the inside @bindupowercoach #grancanaria Crea tu propio camino. Basado en la verdad. Encuentra tiempo para meditar. Extrae fuerzas de tu interior @bindupowercoach #grancanaria

INNER time

Be careful with the thief's of time. They distract you from your goal. It is in silence that you will attain your answers. Cuidado con los "ladrones" de tu tiempo. Te distraen de la meta. Es en el silencio donde obtienes tus respuestas. @bindupowercoach #Boston #Proud2BU