Testimony Maria Lawyer and Business Owner for Bindu Power Coaching

Testimony Maria Perez Ramos Lawyer for Bindu Power Coach

Testimony Maria Perez Ramos Lawyer and Business Owner for Executive Mindfulness Bindu Power Coach Testimony Maria Perez Ramos I had lack of time, wanted to improve the profile of my cases, income, and thieves of time. I got all these thanks to Bindu Power Coaching. Through these professionals facets of my life, many personal things came …


Happiness Coaching, inner eyes of the soul

COACHING HAPPINESS Read on: Versión española Coaching happiness through the inner eyes of the soul. What is the right path to coaching happiness? That which makes you connect with yourself. Do you listen to others or you look at yourself? Are you aware of your breath or you get to the end of the day with …

Long-term investment through silence sitting

listening to the voice within

Listening to the voice within What´s impressive is how hard it is to take out time to listen to our voice within; how rewarding is doing it. Just sitting quietly in the midst of work or daily chores helps in finding peace. With today’s fast-paced life, it is becoming harder to find time with nature …

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