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Power Coach Bindu

 Power Coach Sessions with Bindu Read full post here..   SUSCRIBE TO KEEP UP-TO-DATE  [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] What do you get from her method? Her method allows you to drop down to the truth of what is happening, addressing what is most dear and near to you. Most of the times it is not the Read more about Power Coach Bindu[…]

Trusting Truth 

Open your eyes to truth. Where there is truth, there is trust. Abre tus ojos a la verdad. Donde hay verdad, hay confianza. @bindupowercoach       Related posts: Solution to Confusion Stay connected to truth while walking the path of “confusion”…. Friend-Ship Build friendship based on truth. Vibrate with the present as… Faithful Steps  Life Read more about Trusting Truth […]

Faithful Steps 

Life is the accumulation of small choices. As you take one others open up. Act and have faith. Someone is always taking care of you. Even though things don’t go your way, trust the outcome. La vida es el cúmulo de pequeñas decisiones. Según tomas una se abren otras. Actúa y ten fe. Alguien siempre Read more about Faithful Steps […]

He ganado fortaleza. Que me siento capaz de generar el cambio y de empezar a vivir de un modo más armónico, enriquecedor y mejor, personal y profesionalmente.

#Testimonial Bindu #Power #Coaching Session A.A.

  “My first encounter with Bindu was casual through an acquaintance. I was going through bad personal times and was offered the opportunity to contact her. My aptitude although expectant to find a way out, was, however, cautious and hesitant. Despite my doubts, I decided to take a personal session with Bindu. Guided perhaps by the Read more about #Testimonial Bindu #Power #Coaching Session A.A.[…]

Unfolding Trust Within

Trust that all that happens is for your best. There is a higher plan unseen to our eyes. Forcing things to happen will only delay your learning process. Allow for the experience to unfold and say yes to the growth process. Confía en que todo lo que ocurre es para tu bien. Hay un plan superior Read more about Unfolding Trust Within[…]

Inner decisions

Act from the heart – not from fear. Trust the universe – not people. Actúa desde tu corazón – no desde el miedo. Confía en el universo – no en la gente. Wishing you a heart-felt day @bindupowercoach Related posts: Walk the way of Truth or be ready to suffer the consequences of your own Read more about Inner decisions[…]

Walk the way of Truth or be ready to suffer the consequences of your own karma

Beware of who you trust. People talk about being legal until you talk to them about money. There greed takes the lead. Greed is the worst of evils. Believe that if you’ve done “the right thing” life will protect you. Cuidado de quien te fias. La gente te habla de ser legal hasta que les Read more about Walk the way of Truth or be ready to suffer the consequences of your own karma[…]

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