Face Your Challenge

If you attract something you do not like, observe what you need to learn. Complaining is weak. Face the learning process with truth.  Si atraes algo que no te gusta, observa que necesitas aprender. Quejarte es de débiles. Afronta el aprendizaje con verdad.  Suscríbete para tu mensaje @bindupowercoach @bindudadlani      

Intelligent Mind Management

Spend time in silence. It will help you understand the truth. Do not fall into subtle manipulation. Fly over it. Pasa tiempo en silencio. Te ayudará a entender la verdad. No caigas en manipulaciones sutiles. Vuela por encima de ellas. Subscribe for your power message @bindupowercoach @marinabaysands #Singapore          

Walk with Truth 

If you cheat, hide, take advantage of others consciously or don’t follow through your commitments, you damage only yourself. Life is a boomerang. What you give, you receive. Pay attention to your promised word. Do not be afraid to ask what you deserve. If out of fear you remain silent it is you who looses Read more about Walk with Truth […]

Solution to Confusion

Stay connected to truth while walking the path of “confusion”. Don’t get entangled in Maya. Keep connected to the source. Mantén conexión con la verdad mientras andas por un camino “confuso”. No te en-redes en Maya. Mantén la conexión con la fuente. Deseándote un día en conexión con tu corazón @bindupowercoach

3 Tips for self-esteem

Always remember who you are: unique and special. As long as you walk in truth, do not let others “push” you down. Avoid bad company. Keep uplifting friends. Recuerda siempre quien eres: única y especial. Mientras estés caminando en la verdad, no dejes que otros te “empujen” hacia abajo. Evita la mala compañía. Mantén amistades Read more about 3 Tips for self-esteem[…]

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