How can I stay away from my self-sabotage?

Turn inside. Every once in a while turn away from the noise. Connect with yourself in silence. Noise surrounds us - we need to stop and reconnect within if we want true answers. As we advance in technology and bookish knowledge, we entrap ourselves in a "prison" of unknown resources. Paying careful attention to where …


What is your worth? Your confidence in yourself will benchmark your results. If you want to convince someone, convince yourself. Cual es tu valía? La confianza en ti mismo es el punto de referencia que mide tus resultados. Si quieres convencer a alguien, convéncete a ti mismo. @bindupowercoach #Boston      

Hard-Ship On Sea

It is in hardship where you know yourself best. Have faith even though you are not able to see the end of the tunnel. Es en la dificultad donde mejor te conoces. Ten fe aunque no veas el final del túnel. Wishing you a luminous day @bindupowercoach

08-08-2014 WIN-SELF

Voice creates a profound impact in our heads. Let us pay attention to what we hear. Win the game against your worse enemy: yourself @bindupowercoach #PROUDTOBU La voz crea un impacto profundo en nuestras mentes. Prestemos atención a lo que escuchamos. Vence a tu peor enemigo: tu mismo @bindupowercoach #PROUDTOBU