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Jonathan Bello

Jonathan Bello says, “Put Bindu in your life”.


Jonathan Bello is a 2º Generation of Family Business, Horno de Pan. He shares his transformative experience with CEO Coach Bindu, a Happiness Power Coach with Conscience. He says: “The sessions allow you to balance your business and your family harmoniously.”

“Working with Bindu allows you to balance all areas of your life, both economically and emotionally. Is very beneficial for you and your family. Thank you, Bindu.”

Second Generation Family Business, Horno de Pan

Try your transformative experience with this one of a kind executive, business, personal and spiritual coaching sessions. Similarly, if you want to start a business, become an entrepreneur, or just innovate your family business, Bindu is the answer.

The sessions are tailor-made real-time to your issue so that you can customize what you want in what you can. Hence, the results of the meetings end up being tangible. For instance, you can witness how you feel in the magnitude of your change.

Bindu CEO Coach teaches leadership in companies that want to innovate. Thus, it’s a kind of disruptive coaching.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

Steve Jobs

Jonathan Bello tries Bindu´s Signature Programs

Jonathan Bello worked with Bindu CEO Coach in both the business and personal arena and witnessed great benefits. Above all, he was pulled from within to innovate his life and take it to the next level. Similarly, successful family business cases like the one of Jonathan Bello are part of Bindu´s signature programs.

Deep Spiritual Coaching to “Burn Karma”

The type of coaching she performs is deeply spiritual. It goes to the origin of when and where the “problem” originated to fix it from the root. So in many cases, life long issues get resolved within one session or a few depending on the karma of the person. It all depends on how deep you want to go. Results are visible immediately after the first session. Liberation is just a door step away.

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Phyllis Krystal Method CTTTB in EXECUTIVE COACHING

BPC uses the Phyllis Krystal Method in the executive coaching process. The “Cutting The Ties That Bind” CTTTB Method consists of helping you cut the ties to the old way of being from its root. Also, to any person or personality trait (even addictions), that is impeding you to listen and obey your conscience. This process of transformation creates self-less and enlightened leaders. Thus, creating holistic managerial approaches to old corporate ways.

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Power Coaching with Conscience

The Power Coaching with Conscience Session is intense. Aside from the CTTTB Phyllis Krystal Method, it includes several other powerful techniques to liberate you. It is a tailor-made solution, customized entirely to the issue you want to resolve. When CEOs encounter Bindu, they enlighten their journey to the unknown path of self-discovery.

When bombarded with daily problems and symptoms we either go to Google, a friend, a professional, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a therapist, etc., to find a solution. However, rarely do we go deeper into the root cause to fix it. At Bindu Power Coaching, we detect where the problem originated, its consequences and “cure” it right there. Not only we correct past and present situations but prepare the road for a brighter tomorrow.

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The Method is a Power Change

The “old you” becomes part of the past. The new you will emerge to take charge of your life positively. You learn tailor-made solutions to your case, like for example, unique mind-management techniques and self-management audit. This unique transformation creates a boomerang effect over your family and your business. For example, you will learn how to educate (speak) to your children with love. When managers, like Jonathan Bello, work with CEO Coach Bindu, they awaken their spirit into new dimensions of unconditional love.

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) is unique because it corrects the problem in the subconscious mind. Thus re-programming belief patterns, cultural codes, and behaviors that no longer serve our soul. With the help of the Super-Conscious mind, we enter our Subconscious-Mind entirely conscious, installing a new program that serves the solution. Results are visible immediately and are exponentially useful over time. You experience a power change as the new program runs in the mind. This “new code” enhances a power mind action blueprint.

Bindu Power Coaching has been developing results for over 20 years worldwide. It is a method that can heal the core values of people, teams, companies, corporations & organizations. It has the power to unleash hidden human potential within.

Bindu CEO Coach
Bindu CEO Coach

Business Healer, Coach a​n​d Guru

21st Century Guru


Visionary with preparation and the best education. 21st Century Guru

A lawyer defines what Bindu does

An Avatar in the form of a woman, a 21st Century Guru.

“When we met, and she talked to me about what she would like to do, I got a new concept right away (at least for me): business healer.

Then, from a more commercial point of view and easy to understand in today’s society, although somewhat banal, I defined it as a “coach.” However, I knew that this word did not cover all aspects of her work.

Later, three years ago, someone asked me if she was a guru. And I realized that that could be the term to define her. Although I thought that it had to be adapted from the commercial point of view, it was nonetheless ideal from the spiritual point of view.

A 21st Century Guru

On 06.04.17 I defined her as a 21st century Guru. Visionary with preparation and the best education. Adapted and knowledgeable about new technologies. Fully updated and modernized.

Focused both on the business sector (improvement of economic returns in companies and people), and the spiritual world (development of the internal growth of being, purification and liberation of the soul).

Guru, perhaps an Avatar in the form of a woman, who transmits spiritual teachings adapted to the new times, and who lives experiencing and integrated among us.

Her work goes beyond coaching, mentoring, cerebral reprogramming….transcending to the spiritual plane, and deepening enormously in that plane.

21st Century Guru

Important: To understand and share it from this plane, you have to have an attitude of openness, dedication, and total confidence.”

– María Pérez Ramos, Lawyer.
21st Century Guru
A lawyer defines Bindu: Visionary with preparation and the best education.

Bindu is a Power Coach with Conscience that executes a customized real-time session. Book it!

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El “Súper Cerebro” | A “Super Brain”


Testimonio de varias terapias con el Método BPC


Pregunta a una abogada: ¿Cómo es el tipo de coaching que Bindu practica? 

Una interesante perspectiva nos la comparte la abogada María Pérez Ramos, en forma de un testimonio. Es un resumen de su experiencia del tipo de coaching y terapia con Bindu:

“Totalmente rompedor, fresco e increíblemente efectivo: va “al grano” y llega de inmediato a la raíz de los problemas, en la misma sesión, al contrario que la psicología convencional, donde normalmente haría falta más tiempo para alcanzar tal profundidad.

Lo que se resuelve normalmente con años de terapia convencional, puede resolverse en una sola sesión de su método, ya que la conexión con el subconsciente, donde se nos muestra el problema en imágenes casi como en una película, es tan directa y en tiempo real, que sobre la marcha se toma conciencia de lo que está ocurriendo en nuestra vida y que hay que cambiar, que además se modifica igualmente “sobre la marcha”, mediante la re-programación de las escenas, y las técnicas y herramientas de visualización que Bindu nos proporciona en cada momento.

La frecuencia de una radio en el Método BPC, la definida por una abogada

A partir de ahí, ya en los siguientes días o incluso al día siguiente, o en “cuestión de horas”, según se va integrando la nueva información dentro de nosotros, empiezan a moverse piezas y a verse los cambios.

Pondría como ejemplo la frecuencia de una radio. Al haberse modificado la “frecuencia” o energía que nosotros mismos emitimos, cambia lo que recibimos, como en la radio. Al cambiar de frecuencia, se recibe otra información por otro canal, otra emisora”.

María Pérez Ramos, Abogada. Gran Canaria, España

Bindu Dadlani es una Power Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica.

Testimony of a Lawyer

“Super Brain” with Happiness Coach

How is the coaching that Bindu practices?

A lawyer shares her experience:

“Disruptive, fresh and incredibly effective: it goes straight “to the point“ detecting the root problem immediately, in the same session, unlike conventional psychology, where it would typically take longer to reach such depth.

What you resolve with years of conventional therapy, it is solved in a single session of her method. In connection with the subconscious, the problem shows up in images almost like in a movie. It is so direct and in real time, that you can become aware of what is happening in your life and what needs to change. You witness how this is also broken equally “on the fly.” By re-programming the scenes, techniques, and visualization tools that Bindu provides us with every moment.

A radio frequency

From then on, in the following days or even the next day, or in “matter of hours,” as the new information integrates within us, parts within ourselves begin to move, and we can see the changes.

I would use the example of the frequency of a radio. As we modify the “frequency” or energy that we emit, what we receive changes, as is on the radio. When we change a frequency, we receive different information through another channel, another radio transmitter.“

María Pérez Ramos, Lawyer. Gran Canaria, Spain
Abogada Maria
¿Cómo es el tipo de Coaching que Bindu practica? Totalmente rompedor, fresco e increíblemente efectivo. Va “al grano” y llega de inmediato a la raíz de los problemas, en la misma sesión… – Maria, Abogada

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach. She unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a reality. You can read her books on Amazon and her online store.

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