Negotiation versus Emotions



Negotiation versus Emotions

Do not look at what you lose. Be grateful for your gains. If you are about to negotiate and you would like a win-win situation, focus on the problem and not on the person.

Separate emotions from real facts and base yourself on the later.

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Negociaciones versus Emociones

No mires lo que pierdes. Agradece lo que ganas. Si estas a punto de negociar y te gustaría una situación ganar-ganar enfócate en el problema y no en la persona.

Separa las emociones de hechos reales y básate en la última.

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2 Replies to “Negotiation versus Emotions”

  1. Thank you very much. Indeed, it can be very difficult to negotiate a situation with someone we might be attached or related to (family, friends, couple, partner, etc). Nonetheless, by focusing on the problem as adviced by BPC, we manage to filter out our emotions… , which means that we can observe the entire situation from a neutral point of view, and therefore achieve a fair outcome…

  2. Taking some time off from the topic also helps. It creates some space and makes it feel lighter…
    Thanks for your feedback!

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