Phyllis Krystal Cutting ties Method and techniques.

Cutting ties that bind

Bindu Dadlani and Mrs. Phyllis Krystal in the International Seminar in Munich, Germany. 2013.

Connect to the higher consciousness for guidance.

One of the tools I use in my Coaching Sessions is Phyllis Krystal Techniques. Her work is an invaluable tool that consists of cutting the ties to anyone or anything that bind us. Through her unique method, we can get the freedom to become who we are. Moreover, these techniques also help us to stop our Monkey Mind.  As Mrs. Krystal often says: “A mind that is always questioning, grabbing, pushing and deciding.”

Cutting Ties
Bindu Dadlani with Phyllis Krystal in Seville, Spain. Training Seminar, December 2012.

Phyllis Krystal techniques. Cutting ties.

We are controlled all the time in different ways, and we don’t even know. For example, the media controls us. Similarly, when we consider relations with other people, we will realize that we are either controlled or control someone or something.

Phyllis Krystal International Seminar
Phyllis Krystal signs Bindu´s two notebooks of her Method. Munich, 2013.
Phyllis Krystal and Bindu Power Coach
Phyllis Krystal signs for Bindu two notebooks of the Method at the International Training Seminar in Munich, Germany, 2013.

The Method.

Phyllis Kristal - Bindu Power Coaching
“Phyllis Krystal”

We need to cut from people, attitudes, habits, roles, rules, regulations and old belief systems that do not allow us to become who we are. Then, as we release from old patterns, those relationships improve giving room for unconditional love – “Surrender, Trust and Accept” as Phyllis says.

To reach our potential, we need to stop the control of anything or anyone other than the Higher Consciousness (High C) or Super Conscious Mind.

The higher self is the part of the mind that knows everything, and that loves unconditionally. It is above the conscious level. It knows why we are here and what we need to learn, and it is always available.

Change Within.

To bring a change in behavior, we need to find what caused that pattern. Most of the times the origin of the problem is in our childhood. Therefore, locating the specific situation that created it and cutting it is vital to free ourselves. Cutting ties is liberating.

Consequently, fixing the problem at the root makes sure the change is permanent. As mentioned earlier, we can only make profound moves on the part of the mind where it all originated. The Sub Conscious Mind is not verbal, and it does not understand words. Here it applies to the famous Chinese saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

cutting ties
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Krystal in the international seminar in Munich, Germany – “Cutting ties that bind…”

The practice of Phyllis Krystal symbols – Cutting ties.

Phyllis Krystal techniques contain specific symbols that act directly on the Sub Conscious Mind, a reservoir of information, recorded throughout our lives, called memory bank. As a result, we access this information through our Conscious mind with the help of our Super Conscious Mind.

The power coaching and mindfulness sessions with Bindu, containing The Method, helps us connect with the High C (higher consciousness) to express ourselves freely, just as we are at the essence of our SELF.

Phyllis Krystal International Training in Germany
Bindu Dadlani with Mrs. Phyllis Krystal in Munich, Germany. March 2013.


Here are some blogs that include Phyllis Krystal´s Method and teachings:

In Search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Cutting ties that bind....
Phyllis Krystal and Bindu Dadlani
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain, during the training seminar in October 2001. My beginnings with Phyllis Krystal began in 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts.

 A little about Phyllis Krystal.

Phyllis spent her life practicing and sharing a method by which we can develop our higher intuitive nature and live free from that. It is a method of creative visualization in the form of symbols and imagery. If practiced sincerely, it can help us to become authentic and balanced human beings, free of past chains of conditioning and future anxieties.”

Happiness Coach Bindu applies Phyllis Krystal method to coaching.

Phyllis Krystal´s methodology is one of the techniques Bindu uses in her coaching work. She takes out her unique toolkit according to the lack of the person or company in any given situation. Bindu coach focuses on single and group sessions, depending on the need of the problem. They are customized individually to attend the sole issue at hand.

cutting ties Phyllis Krystal method
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Krystal in Training Seminar Seville, Spain 2012.

International Coach Bindu shares The Method worldwide.

In less than four months, Bindu reached over a thousand people sharing The Method to Business Schools, law firms, and other meaningful corporate arenas. The participants expressed immense gratitude for providing a tool that would give them relief from a wavering mind. They enjoyed inner peace during the visualization process. Many of them were entirely new to meditation, yet they found it easy to understand and practice. More importantly, some even had an inner re-birth.

Cutting ties
Bindu teaches Phyllis Krystal symbol Star of Fear to more than 400 undergraduates in Business Management University in Spain, March 2013.
Cutting ties
Bindu teaches how to use Figure 8 Symbol to more than 400 students of organizational behavior. “Facultad de Economía, Empresa y Turismo – ULPGC”, Spain. March 2013.


Mrs. Krystal asks Bindu to share The Method.

In 2013, at the International training session in Munich, Germany, a conversation takes place. Mrs. Krystal requested Bindu to continue sharing her method with the world, as she was already doing in private and group sessions and through coaching and leadership conferences. She reminded Bindu the urgent need of this inner work in today´fasts paced life. Phyllis urged all participants to share publicly.


At present. Cutting ties through power coaching sessions.

In 2018, Bindu continues to integrate, share and practice Phyllis Krystal method. First, in her personal coaching practice. Second, within companies. Third, among professionals.

She applies The Method in cases where deep-rooted behaviors and habits do not allow the person to focus on their authority figure, their conscience. They get empowered through a few simple steps. And with practice, they enlighten their future. Due to the growing success of the results, many professionals worldwide share their stories.

Cutting ties
Bindu Dadlani sharing The Method to over 280 business professionals at the Chamber of Commerce in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. 2013.

The Inner Warrior.

Bindu Power Coach has self-published nine eBooks to awaken consciousness.  Some are in English and some in Spanish.

The Inner Warrior is available on Amazon and iBooks. You can also buy it through 1-click in her safe and secure online store.

Cutting ties, as she learned from Mrs. Krystal, is one of her essential pointers. Bindu continues to develop her inner method with unique, diverse recipes to tame the mind. In them, she combines many other techniques from the eastern world and a more practical side, as the Harvard Business School Case Method. The results are remarkable, it is worth experiencing it at least once.

Secrets of the Self.

Bindu Dadlani is a keynote speaker on the secrets of the Self. She practices mindfulness meditation through her unique method, created for over twenty years. Her interest in breaking away from restrictions and patterns to live in inner freedom took her on a self-searching journey at a very young age.

Today, she helps professionals and businesses thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. The method includes multiple tools and techniques she learned applied to everyday practical situations. She teaches meditation and mindfulness in the workplace and achieves inner pace within Ceos. Bindu tailor makes real-time solutions for any given problem. Her private power coaching sessions with conscience include answers to mental, physical and spiritual doubts.

Book Bindu for further engagement.

Power Coaching.

Bindu Despierta Conciencias.


  1. Thanks a lot Bindu. You are right, the mind is a true monkey and one has to learn to control it, and especially to realize that it’ s like that!. It is also nice to see you next to the ‘Master’ Mrs. Krystal, since you are becoming a ‘Master’ too. Maria Perez Ramos

  2. Thank you for your feedback and for trusting me. We need to become master of ourselves first to help others. This is my day-long practice. Quite fun when you do it in a spirit of constant integrated awareness and learning.

  3. The most toughest thing is to control our Mind. If you make people learn how to control their MIND then hats off to your incredible work . Miss Bindu this Boy simply Salutes you for your amazing Coaching .


    1. Thank you, Hemant. Yes indeed, controlling the mind requires a significant amount of willpower to put oneself into the action of actually doing it. More often than not, the mind plays games, tricks and takes us for a ride at our expense. The techniques I use in myself, and my Coaching Work with clients destroys the mind, thereby helping them connect with their own conscience. The results are transformational from the first session.

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