Cutting ties

One of the tools I use in my Coaching Sessions is Phyllis Krystal Techniques. Her work is an invaluable tool that consists of cutting the ties to anyone or anything that bind us. Through her unique method, we can attain freedom to become who we are. These techniques also help us to stop our Monkey Mind, “a mind that is always questioning, grabbing, pushing and deciding,” as Mrs. Krystal often says.

We are controlled all the time in different ways; we don’t even know. The media controls us. When we consider relations with other people, we will realize that we are either controlled or control someone or something.


Phyllis Krystal Method

Phyllis Kristal - Bindu Power Coaching
“Phyllis Kristal”

We need to cut from people, attitudes, habits, roles, rules, regulations and old belief systems that do not allow us to become who we are. Then, as we release from old patterns, those relationships improve giving room for unconditional love – “Surrender, Trust and Accept” as Phyllis says.

To reach our potential, we need to stop the control to anything or anyone other than the Higher Consciousness (High C) or Super Conscious Mind. The higher self is the part of the mind that knows everything, and that loves unconditionally. It is above the conscious level; it knows why we are here and what we need to learn, and it is always available.

To bring a change in behavior, we need to find what caused that pattern. Most of the times the origin of the problem is in our childhood. Locating the specific situation that created it and cutting it is vital to free ourselves.

Fixing the problem at the root makes sure the change is permanent. We can only make profound moves on the part of the mind where it all originated. The Sub Conscious Mind is not verbal, and it does not understand words. Here it applies the famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.


cutting ties that bind
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Kristal in the international seminar in Munich, Germany – “Cutting ties that bind…”


Phyllis Krystal techniques provide specific symbols that act directly on the Sub Conscious Mind, a reservoir of information, recorded throughout our lives, called memory bank. We access this information through our Conscious mind with the help of our Super Conscious Mind.

The sessions help each one of us connect with the High C to express ourselves freely, just as we are at the essence of our SELF…

Bindu Dadlani

Cutting ties that bind....

Phyllis Krystal´s methodology is one of the techniques Bindu applies in her coaching work. She takes out her toolkit according to the need of the person in any given situation. The sessions are powerful as they are tailor-made according to the lack of the person.



  1. Thanks a lot Bindu. You are right, the mind is a true monkey and one has to learn to control it, and especially to realize that it’ s like that!. It is also nice to see you next to the ‘Master’ Mrs. Krystal, since you are becoming a ‘Master’ too. Maria Perez Ramos

  2. Thank you for your feedback and for trusting me. We need to become master of ourselves first in order to help others. This is my day long practice. Quite fun when you do it in a spirit of constant integrated awareness and learning.

  3. The most toughest thing is to control our Mind. If you make people learn how to control their MIND then hats off to your incredible work . Miss Bindu this Boy simply Salutes you for your amazing Coaching .


    1. Thank you Hemant. Yes indeed, controlling the mind requires a great amount of will power to put oneself into the action of actually doing it. More often than not, the mind plays games, tricks and takes us for a ride at our expense. The techniques I use in myself and my Coaching Work with clients destroys the mind, thereby helping them connect with their own conscience. The results are transformational from the first session.

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