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Heart-to-heart relationships in Management

The need for heart-to-heart relationships in management positions results in Executive Coaching Process Harvard Business School tools. Such is the case of Coaching Makena Lane. I will share in this post how the BPC Method applies solutions to similar problems. And also, how it relates to any Executive Coaching Harvard Business Case.

To illustrate, Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) attends the 11th Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference, in Boston. The Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School hosts this annual event. Thus, it provides cutting-edge coaching techniques. As well as, coaches participating worldwide. And Bindu has gone for four years as a Fellow. Mrs. Dadlani is a Happiness Coach.

One of the keynote sessions was a Real Life Executive Coaching Harvard Business School Case. Namely, “Coaching Makena Lane,” taught by Ethan Bernstein, Professor at Harvard Business School (HBS). In fact, it is the first executive coaching Harvard Business case study produced and used by HBS. You can download the abstract and case study.

Real life Executive Coaching Harvard Business School Case

The protagonist of “Coaching Makena Lane” case is offered an executive coach. Above all, to soften her interpersonal management style. Especially, with her subordinates and coworkers. So the Harvard Business School case is used to try to improve the trajectory of a high-potential manager.  That is, on Makena´s path to being an effective executive.

Power Coaching Program

The Mindfulness Power Coaching Program (BPC) teaches how to think, organize, prioritize and solve problems. Above all, it shows you how to reach answers through enlightened leadership. And this is an essential game-changer at Coaching Harvard Business School Cases.

The inner game changes you in depth. These skills are necessary for a manager like “Coaching Makena Lane,” who leads in a “VUCA” environment. Because people have disconnected themselves from who they are. Also, from what their mission and vision are. Besides, they are manipulated into what others are saying. Thus, forgetting to contact their conscience for truth. However, with Bindu they reconnect.

As a CEO Coach, I encounter several cases of clients having success in their professional fields. However, they are not able to translate it to emotional and financial success.

At Bindu Power Coaching (BPC), you learn to develop a set of internal skills, which are deeply connected with the Self. As a result, there is a transformation process. First, it changes the inner ecosystem of each individual. Second, it creates a business model that fits its delivery. In short, it is an inner method for Executive Coaching Havard Business situations.

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) Method

I shared my answers with other hundreds of participants during the conference. That is, on what the BPC Method would have done if hired as an executive coach for “Coaching Makena Lane” business case.

The meaningful message covered in this practical business setting also applies to other working environments. Those who have tried the BPC method achieve a 180-degree change. Over 90 testimonials are published.

BPC Method answers from within

This initial consultation ​will mark a before and an after in your understanding of business issues.


Heart-to-heart connection in the workplace. 

How can Bindu CEO Coach help managers, like Makena Lane?

BPC brings an inner change and transformation. That is, the method brings equilibrium within the masculine and feminine side of the person. The BPC Ceo Coach is different from any other coach in that she adds a touch of spirituality in the executive coaching process. Thus, the person develops an immediate connection within.

coaching makena lane
Makena Lane needs to soften her inside. Her “inner parents” are harsh, and healing is required to feel secure. Her personality is the fruit of education with lack of unconditional love.

Coaching as a tool for developing managers with Heart.

As a graduate of the Questrom School of Business at Boston University, and the motto “Lead with Heart,” I accompany managers who want to grow into emerging compassionate leaders.

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Swami Vivekananda

Executive Coaching Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School (HBS) Case Study Method (CSM)

For example, in the classroom setting, the HBS teaching vehicle encourages group interaction. That is, forcing participants to be energetic. It is in a simulated real-world environment. As a result, it allows for “future managers” to develop their leadership skills. Also, their decision-making, and interpersonal skills. They simulate a real case business scenario with facts and constraints. Even, often with incomplete and imperfect information. As it would normally be the case in the real world.

In contrast, BPC helps you reach answers from within. One of the tools used to tackle this change is Phyllis Krystal CTTTB Method. Makena Lane would benefit enormously from this technique.

BPC solves the inner part of YOU

For example, the manager goes through a series of transformations. The goal is to meet “the impossible.” Thus, it is an action makeover. For instance, the areas that need a strong understanding and work start to balance out. As a result, this provides a more human experience. As noted earlier, the case in hand is a real-life executive coaching process. However, most decision-makers have a similar common denominator issue. In brief: an adverse reaction to change.

Where do Bindu and The BPC Method fit during the Executive Coaching Harvard Business Process?

In Coaching Makena Lane´s HBS case, Bindu fits in the deeper part of the problem. First, in teaching how to make a heart-to-heart connection. That is, to create high performing teams. More often then not, we block out other people instead of listening with care. And second, in helping them develop their emotional intelligence from the inside out.

BPC can bring a fast solution to the table in a reliable way. In other words, this empowering method solves in days or weeks what other conventional methods would take years to sort out. In short, she goes deep within the soul.

Re-program the brain

For change to happen within an individual, we need to re-program the brain from old belief systems. Because business managers need a shift from deep subconscious beliefs.  As a result, this will allow them to lead with heart. Otherwise, they will continue with long-held habits.

Meditation and Mindfulness in the workplace

For example, the article “powerful women lean on meditation” explains how essential mindfulness practices are. In fact, the series of BPC sessions encourage you to find happiness in tough times. Also, seeing opportunities in each obstacle of the way.

In brief, you learn powerful techniques to “tame the monkey mind.”

Spiritual intelligence

BPC helps the person from within. Also, it helps to bring to the table something unique, that will fill a need. In short, it focuses on instilling self-confidence. Indeed, to believe in oneself early on. So that each person can make a difference. As well as, create an impact in their life and the life of others.

BPC helps you get to the essence of what matters to your soul. Thus, the method develops your spiritual intelligence.

Authentic Leadership

Since the early stages of life, I made deliberate choices that were consistent with my authentic selfThus, this clear thinking helped me forge a successful relationship with my Self. To sum, the BPC method is the result of many years of profound transformation.  And Coaching Makena Lane is a vivid example of the type of cases I solve. Further, if you are interested in knowing more about Executive Coaching Harvard Business cases, I will be happy to share my BPC insights.

In search of the Knowledge of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Bindu CEO Coach, coaching makena lane
Bindu CEO Coach

Mindfulness Happiness Power Coach

Mrs. Dadlani is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation. In fact, she trains managers to approach deadlines with a calm mind. Even the most reluctant people make total transformations. Besides, she honors for excellence in professional coaching.

For instance, she has over twenty years of experience in personal development. As well as, in organizational change within. Besides, she is an Amazon best-seller author of three of her ten books. These are available on her online store. In fact, Bindu has created a unique method. That is, adapting the principles of mindfulness to a corporate environment.

She provides C-Suite executives with frameworks. Also, roadmaps and business models. This inner approach helps them towards strategic thinking. Also, in operational effectiveness. Besides, she possesses unique know-how in the knowledge of the Self. Thus, helping senior leaders speed their path to the truth of their mission. As is the case of Executive Coaching Harvard Business School.

Her CEO coaching applies spiritual mindfulness-based coaching techniques. Hence, creating a unique transformation process. 

Bindu happiness coach will not give up until she has made your dreams into tangible realities. In short, she is a mastermind in the secrets of the Self.

Contact her for further engagement.

Two recommended books:

*NEW*: How to live an enriching life.

“Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Sir Winston Churchill
executive coaching harvard business
Heart-to-heart connection in the workplace.

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      1. The importance of emotional intelligence in the enterprises, especially as characteristic of their managers and CEOs.

        The clear way in which the possibilities to cultivate it, to “heal” our inside , and to truly “transform” ourselves from the depths of our soul and mind , through the BPC method, is explained.

        The case of Mrs. Makena Lane is a good example to understand that anyone who wants to change and makes an effort, can do it. Also, to see which kind of results could be achieved if this method were used, although it could indeed reach a ‘deeper’ level of change in the person, than the one explained in the mentioned case of the HBS.

        1. You said it! The Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) Method heals from the inside reaching to solve any given issue in depth. Change is possible for those who want to have a better life. And most want to change. However, not everyone is willing to go through the pain that goes together with the transformation. So they let it sink in the backlog, without realizing it is building up until one day it explodes. Indeed, emotional intelligence is paramount in the business world, especially in the leaders that are carrying the message to consumers. But more importantly, these leaders need to develop a heart with compassion to understand the needs of a growing millennial population. And the primary requirement is love. Thank you, Maria, for your continuous positive feedback on this website.

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