Workshop: “The Art of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship”

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Bindu Power Coach at BU BUild Lab

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Entrepreneurship Workshop At Boston University @innovateBU

BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center

The entrepreneurship workshop takes place at the new space on 730 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215.

April 23, 2018, from 5:30-7:00 pm

The Art of Storytelling in entrepreneurship from Bindu Dadlani

Solving difficult problems is innovation. Bindu has devised a method that provides real-time solutions to mental health. She starts her niche in the Gig Economy, as part of the creative economies of the 21st century.

“Innovate@BU is a campus-wide initiative to give all Boston University students and alumni opportunities to learn innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and help them transform their ideas into meaningful impact.”

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Build Lab workshop entrepreneurship
Workshop BUild Lab at BU

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“Boston University announces a $20 million initiative to foster creative problem solving and innovation among students at its schools and colleges. “The initiative will help BU students convert their ideas into tangible impact, and will foster the creativity, innovation and problem-solving ability needed to become 2st-century leaders.” – The Boston Globe

“The Art of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship”



Creating and telling your life story is an ongoing process, it is not a one-time marketing event. This skill requires you to revisit and rethink the image you broadcast into the world. This image that you think you portray in addition to what others say about you makes up your brand. So wherever you are in this process of developing your own story, this workshop will unveil what your action items are to take you where you need to go next.

The world is waiting to hear your story. Are you ready to share it? – Daniel Legmann

Bindu´s workshop focuses on:

1) The art of the resume.

2) Increase awareness of students (bridging the connection between the self and the image of the person).

3) How to focus and avoid distractions in pursuit of the career of your dreams.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop

Prior “home-work” 🙂 to participants of the workshop:

Homework 1

What is your story?

People buy why you do it. And in the long run, this why needs to be consistent to proof your “why.” So start now while you are building your resume. Everything you say or write gets recorded on search engines. Make sure that the message is the same across all channels. Usually, when your thoughts, words, and deeds are in unison, you have nothing to worry. Holistic SEO takes place, and your message gets delivered automatically. What happens when you are still trying to figure it out or in the process of building that “real” you?

You want to make sure that each piece of art you make, your resume, your elevator pitch, your networking message, has the same essence.

Bring to this workshop at least two parts of your resume that sound alike or that follow a thread. It will create the trend you will continue using at the event. You want to come out of this one and a half hour session with an action plan to write a compelling story. Begin with this homework. More to come 🙂

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Homework 2

We all have missing parts on our resume. However, address what you want to make sure is understood either directly or indirectly. There would be no harm if you did something out of your industry of scope. What is important is that you were not lazing around doing anything. And if you did, it’s alright as well. Maybe you had an “aha” moment that made you the person you are today. Either way do not be afraid to share or say who you are. Because that is the real you and anything other than that is a lie. And that gets across before your spoken word.

So find those missing stories and add them to the thread, if not in a written format at least in the back of your mind. The moment you know it exists, and you accept that part of you as being part of who you are, you are on your way to the true story of yourself.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Homework 3

Be simple and humble. Do not try to act, say or do what you don’t believe. The why will get across fast if you are consistent with your message. Make sure that message is clear within yourself first. Then try to convey it through other channels, be this social media or simple conversations with your peers. Make sure your message is the same. It is okay to change this message as along it follows a transition and a why. Change is okay as long as you understand why.

So, re-check your story and make sure it is consistent.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Homework 4

Draw a timeline and put the different parts of your resume in it. Write your story down. Take out from it the highlights of what pertains to the industry in which you would like to develop your skills. If you are still unsure, merely list the areas of your work experience that are most dear to you. Through this exercise, you might experience moments of illumination where each will mark a piece of the puzzle you are trying to decipher.

So go ahead and draw the timeline.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Homework 5

Once those points are clear, make a story of you without considering the constraints of your family, income or society. Make sure what you are passionate about direct links to the story you are building for yourself. It could become a reality, for those who already begun a career in this direction. Or it could be a dream if you still don’t know how to get there but you are longing.

If you are within the group of people that either doesn’t have a career based on your passion and you don’t know how to figure it out, close your eyes and ask yourself. Keep doing this exercise until you reach an answer. You will be surprised at the number of signs coming your way 🙂

Therefore, start the practice of introspection into the passion of your life. You never know, it might later turn into your career 🙂

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Homework 6

Bring to class the notes taken, your resume and anything else you feel will be appropriate to get answers. I am available for questions after the workshop. If you have not been able to do this exercises, bring a piece of paper and pen anyway. Writing with your hand gives your outlook a whole different experience 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all this 23rd April 2018 at 5:30 pm 🙂

Free ticket and free food  🙂

Cheers 🙂


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Bindu built over the years a consistent message across all channels. Today, Google understands her site, her words and her message 🙂

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More about the Innovation Lab at Boston University:
Turning ideas into action to create impact

“The power of Innovate@BU lies in no one person or program, but in the diverse and vibrant network of skills, concentrations, and passions spread out across the University. Innovate@BU empowers students and alumni to learn and experience innovative thinking through three primary efforts: the BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center, innovation curriculum, and expanding innovation research.

Through Innovate@BU, the Build Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center is the starting point to transform ideas into impact, including social or business ventures. Students and alumni can attend hands-on workshops, make connections with mentors, find funding sources, and collaborate with others on a project that plays to their passions.” – BU Innovate

The “why.”

Bindu Power Coach has been acting from the inside out since the beginnings of its inception.  She focused on the “why” – a purpose higher than herself. Dadlani interviewed companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs on how their leadership inspired them to action and how that action created impact. Ted talk from Simon Sinek confirmed the cleverness of her chosen path when she watched his video in 2009. Other self-made entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, with his commencement speech at Stanford University, inspired Bindu to continue with her “why.” She even wrote a post in Spanish in 2012 addressing this issue.

The entire concept behind the transformation of her idea into action is creating an impact in peoples hearts and soul. She has been working on this through self-journeys, worldwide traveling, interviews with successful entrepreneurs, scientific research, and investigation. She did not allow others to block her way to her real story. 

As you expand your mind, your horizons expand to meet the people who will value your idea.



@bindupowercoach impartirá en el Centro de Innovación de la Universidad de Boston el taller: “El arte de contar historias en el espíritu empresarial”. Su ponencia se centrará en:

1) El arte del currículum.

2) Incrementar la conciencia de los estudiantes (uniendo la conexión entre el yo y la imagen de uno mismo).

3) Cómo enfocarte y evitar distracciones en pos de la carrera de tus sueños.

@innovatebu es una iniciativa para brindar a los estudiantes oportunidades para aprender innovación, habilidades empresariales, y ayudarlos a transformar sus ideas en un impacto significativo”.

Innovate @ BU faculta a los estudiantes y ex alumnos a aprender y experimentar el pensamiento innovador a través de el BUILD Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center y el plan de estudios de innovación e investigación en innovación y en expansión.

“Nuestro mundo necesita más artistas, más empresarios, soluciones más creativas a los problemas sociales. Necesitamos más innovadores” – @innovatebu

Johnny Cupcakes
At the innovate@BU Idea Conference. Bindu Power Coach with Johnny Cupcakes.

Find the leader within you to share your story in an elevator pitch. Learn self-management techniques for holistic marketing – Bindu.

Vive sin miedos | Live without fear

pasos para calmar la mente



To live without fear is the aim of every person. In this post, I write about “one conscious life in your hands to live to your highest potential.”

To live without fear develop self-confidence

The lack of self-confidence developed for many years does not let us live with light luggage. We focus on fear.

Read and listen to positive media

Be it the media, our families and society itself, the concern is in the order of the day. Every newspaper that we read, an article that we find, advertising that we see or merely sporadic conversations with people on the street, have fear as a common denominator.

It is also so sticky that even when we think we are not paying attention, we fall into it. Metaphorically, I love seeing it as a big black hole that I do not want to get into it. Once outside, the landscape is much more beautiful.

To live without fear come out of the control of other people.

We could distinguish different types of fears, categories, and subcategories of it. Each fear harbors another. They are like many layers of dark onions rotting our potential to the limit of nullifying us. People around us contaminated by it have the strength to destroy the person with the least power, usually people full of love with little internal resistance to imposing their optimism.

Fearful people influence, being able to penetrate into the depths of the weakest person – often someone to the servitude that loves them with madness – taking them to their well. The less you realize, you are inside again. You have fallen!

Overcome the mind to live without fear.

The mind has many tricks to make you believe you have dominion over it. It masks to deceive you. It is our task to overcome the mind to the point of putting it in its place to dominate it. Only then can we overcome bad company – that although it may seem that they love us, they just like themselves.

Our veil of illusion makes us see a distorted reality. To remove it from our eyes depends entirely on us. Only when we are ready, the teacher arrives. Many times this inner teacher appears in the form of external help – willing to show us “the way.”

Once you live without fear, you have mastered your life.

Stop allowing others to manipulate your life – you only have one, and it’s yours. Stop clinging to people and situations that do not let you move forward. Remember, just one life. Offer time to yourself to find out what you want to do for the rest of your life. You have today. Do not postpone your mission anymore, darken your vision and postpone your dream anymore. Act!

Bindu Dadlani, Boston Ma, written on 12.12.2015.

I recommend reading the Inner Warrior at Amazon, iBooks or in my online store.

Power Consultation



No postergues ni oscurezcas más tu visión y misión.

Vivir sin miedo es el objetivo de cada persona. En este post, escribo sobre “una vida consciente en tus manos para vivir a tu máximo potencial”.

Para vivir sin miedo desarrolla confianza en ti mismo

La falta de auto-confianza en nuestro ser desarrollada durante muchos años no nos deja vivir ligeros de equipaje.

Lee y escucha medios positivos

Estamos constantemente volcados en el miedo. Ya sean los medios de comunicación, nuestras familias y la sociedad en si, el miedo está a la orden del día.

Cada periódico que leemos, artículo que encontramos, publicidad que vemos o simplemente en conversaciones esporádicas con personas en la calle, tienen como denominador común el miedo. Es además tan pegajoso que hasta cuando creemos que no le estamos prestando atención, caemos en el. Metafóricamente me encanta verlo como un gran pozo negro en el cual no quiero meterme. Una vez fuera, el paisaje es mucho más lindo.

Vive sin miedos desprendiéndote del control de otras personas.

Podríamos distinguir diferentes tipos de miedos, categorías y sub categorías de él. Cada miedo alberga en si otro. Son como innumerables capas de cebollas oscuras pudriendo nuestro potencial hasta el límite de anularnos. Personas a nuestro alrededor contaminadas por él tienen la fuerza de destruir al más débil, normalmente personas llenas de amor con poca fuerza interna para imponer su optimismo.

La gente temerosa influye, pudiendo penetrar en las profundidades de la persona más débil – a menudo alguien a la servidumbre que los ama con locura – llevándolos a su pozo. Cuanto menos te das cuenta, estás adentro otra vez. ¡Has caído!

Vence la mente para vivir sin miedos.

La mente tiene muchos trucos para hacerte creer que tienen dominio sobre ti. Se enmascaran para engañarte. Es nuestra tarea vencer a la mente hasta el punto de ponerla en su sitio y dominarla. Sólo así podremos vencer la compañía venenosa – que aunque pueda parecer que nos quieren, sólo se quieren a si mismos.

Nuestro velo de ilusión nos hace ver una realidad distorsionada. Quitárnoslo depende de nosotros. Sólo cuando estamos preparados, llega el maestro. Muchas veces este maestro interno aparece en forma de ayuda externa – preparados para mostrarnos “el camino”.

Cuando hayas aprendido a vivir sin miedo, serás libre.

Deja de permitir que otros manipulen tu vida – sólo tienes una y es tuya. Deja de apegarte a personas y situaciones que no te dejan avanzar. Recuerda, sólo una vida. Ofrécete tiempo para ti para averiguar que quieres hacer el resto de tu vida. Dispones de hoy. No postergues más tu misión, oscurezcas mas tu visión y aplaces más tu sueño. ¡Actúa!

Bindu Dadlani  |  Boston, Ma | 12.12.2015

Live without fear
Dispones de hoy. No postergues más tu misión, oscurezcas mas tu visión y aplaces más tu sueño. ¡Actúa!


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