Gateway to Happiness: Mind Management through “Coaching Science”

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This book contains evidenced-based research on the topic of “Coaching the Sub-Conscious mind (Lower emotions) to connect to the Super-Conscious Mind (Unconditional Love)”, making substantial reference to the science that underpins the process. Bindu Dadlani is doing some revealing inner work with a spiritual orientation that she now shares in her book. It is a very unique form of meditation, mindfulness, visualization method combined with eastern techniques achieving breakthrough results.


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1 review for Gateway to Happiness: Mind Management through “Coaching Science”

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “Outstanding work which shows us that Transformation is possible”

    Outstanding work of Bindu Dadlani where she explains her method’s procedure, including her evidence-based research and experiences over many years, aiming to obtain a very efficient development of our mind’s potential based on brain reprogramming, as well as heading towards the achievement of the so called “Super Brain”…

    The “almost miraculous change in the human body, and therefore in conduct, health and behavior” the author speaks about, belongs to the already proven results of her innovative and vanguardist method, which defines a new path to personal development, self awareness, efficiency, prosperity, and happiness.

    A real “Gateway to an effective and fast Transformation” for those (persons, professionals, leaders, teams, companies, etc.), needing or willing to reorganize and restructure their projects and enterprises, as well as to change their own lives…

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