21st Century Enlightened Leadership


Leading from within

Conscience in Management. 

21st Century Enlightened Leadership

Coaching Madrid International Business School students for inner resources. Providing them with tools to take back to their countries to succeed as leaders wherever they go.

Leading from Within is the title of the conference that Bindu Dadlani gave to MBA students at United International Business Schools in Madrid on 22nd May 2013.  She presented examples of great good versus great leaders.

During this 2 hour conference, students understood and discovered key aspects of self-knowledge for the effectiveness of a great leader, as well as the link between the success of a company and the level of emotional intelligence of their leaders.

At the end of the conference, there was an extra hour of practical exercises and techniques to tame the mind. A breakthrough discovery – as they were approaching important personal and professional decisions in their lives…

Within…is the answer…


Leading from within Conference Madrid 22.05.2013 from bindupowercoaching


Bindu Dadlani unleashes your “hidden” potential

Did you ever want a machine or method that helped you attain peace of mind, cleared pathways for decision-making and the power to unlock adverse situations?

Bindu personalizes each session to the specific aspect that needs to get resolved. Through her unique tool-kit, she empowers you to find the truth of the present situation, fixing it from the root. You will make changes inside to allow for new opportunities to emerge outside. A different program all together gets recorded; achieving a different experience.

“Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati” – As one imagines, so one becomes.

“Things do not change: we change” – Henry David Thoreau

Trace the path to your goal and design your map to “success.” Make decisions from the Higher Consciousness and not from your “monkey mind”. You will be happy with what you decide, once you align it with your conscience and values – Bindu Dadlani

Leading from Within

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