MINDFULNESS Harvard Business School

Mindfulness Harvard Business School

Bindu Power Coaching participating in Dynamic Women In Business Conference @HBSWSA #letsgo at Harvard University, Harvard Business School.

Mindfulness-based learning. Mind the Moment. Seeing things as they are.

“The practice of mindfulness increases 8 points of IQ in women and 10 points of IQ on men” – Tara Healey @Harvard Pilgrim Health Care — Harvard Business School.

Mindfulness Harvard

Mindfulness Harvard

Bindu Dadlani is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation with over twenty years of experience in personal development and organizational change within. Bindu has created a unique method adapting the principles of mindfulness to a corporate environment. Contact her for further engagement.

Bindu Dadlani es conferenciante de mindfulness y coaching para empresas. Contacta con Bindu para re-flotar  tu empresa desde donde está al siguiente nivel:

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