3 Secrets to enabling a superconscious mind in action

Discipline or procrastination​?

Applying Superconscious Mind in action.

How do we log out from the conscious mind and subconscious mind? Thus, to raise our understanding at the superconscious level? In this post, I will share three secrets to get our superconscious mind in action.

Secret #1: Be truthful

Receiving information at the Superconscious level can happen when we are open to improving ourselves from the inside.

The majority of people don’t do as they say. Also, do not think as they do. The majority of men and women get lost in following other people’s commands or noise.

Moreover, we encounter these situations throughout the day. Hence, whether it is the media, friends, relatives, spouse, children, etc., we are bombarded with contradictory news.

Thus, all this adds to the stress we already have in our day to day living. And information keeps bombarding us as they play the next gig for us to buy.

A road map to a Superconscious mind in action

Secret #2: Stay genuine across all levels

My advice has always been to keep away from information that does not match. Mismatched information only clogs a memory that is already full of content. Can you imagine yourself with a basement full of things, and having trouble with a house that is getting filled as well?

Our minds are working in a similar direction. To unclog it, we need to remove all the unnecessary information that is not allowing it to flow freely. And it starts with the information we receive daily with our conscious mind. This practice will help our conscious mind connect with the superconscious mind. Moreover, it will put the superconscious mind in action.

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How do we receive information from our conscious mind?

Secret #3: Choose to be your boss

Instead of reacting, let us introspect upon the information received. Is it contrasted with experiences of the past? And if yes, are they positive or negative? Depending on this, we will gladly accept the new information or reject it, considering it bad. If the latter happens, it can create havoc Iike “waves in the ocean when a boat passes,” triggering our brain.

To improve the quality of our thoughts and, therefore, our memory, we need to consciously choose which information we want to allow to allocate in our brain, whether on a conscious, subconscious or superconscious level. At this point, we can then filter it out, even more, to make sure it is just at a superconscious level.

Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D., and Deepak Chopra, M.D., very well said that our skin has genetic memory. So depending on the clarity and purity of our thoughts, we can have better or worse skin. To enjoy beautiful skin and hair, we need to eliminate all selfish thoughts tinted with anything other than the unity of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Receive the positive through your conscious mind

I very much enjoy suggesting that my clients be careful about what they watch, hear, and say. Even television or social media is information that we are taking in. Be very careful, as your senses are recording everything without you realizing it. Companies spend millions for a reason. So that average consumers can fall upon their intelligence marketing practices. If you want to put your superconscious mind to action, keep away from information that lowers your level of consciousness.

My advice: stay away from the noise, until the silence within is sufficiently strong to help you discern between right and wrong.

Until then, you can be a prey of the next artificial intelligent robot.

In Search of the Highest and Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

About me

I am a happiness power coach, a business healer, and an inner guide. I have created a method that re-programs the mind to connect it to its unlimited potential. The results are transformational as they create a new paradigm, a new way, a life lived in your truth. The sensation is liberating, even miles away – worth experiencing.

Three of my ten books are Amazon best-sellers, also available on iBooks, and my online store. I suggest reading: How to live in enriching life.

Through discipline and proven coaching techniques, I guide you step by step to help you obtain a vision of truth. It is the training of the spirit and the values of life. I help heal “mental disorders” and physical pain through the Secrets of the Self, acquiring peace. I help you awaken consciousness from deep within your set of beliefs. It is Power Coaching to connect you with your intuition. 

Powerful techniques to put the superconscious mind in action

Since childhood, I have had the opportunity to travel far and wide. My goal was to find answers to my inner quest for happiness and peace. Throughout those journeys, I found powerful techniques that work in controlling the wavering mind. I invite you to try at least one session to experience how far you can go from where you are to where your dreams lie.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy are peace within, healed relationships, improved health conditions, stronger mind, and control over your senses. Therefore, you will be able to leave aside addictions of any kind, including negative habits, and any other behavior that does not allow you to live in freedom.

In each session, we will peel off each layer of your constructed personality so that you can think, act, and speak from your real self.


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